Online Advertising – Does it Work?

April 21, 2006

Here’s a nice overview of the state of online advertising. It’s from a tech geek magazine, but good nonetheless. (Aren’t we all a geek of sorts?).

The article brings up a number of good questions. Are “ad words” worth it? Are banner ads worth it? What is the role?

The author gives a shout out to the power of the blog mixed in with ad words.

One thing that caught my particular attention, however, was the series of case studies showing how well targeted online advertising works. Again, it reminds us how well we have to understand our audience. How we need to think like “someone who is actively shopping for a car” or maybe “checking the weather before they mow the lawn or fertilize.”

I know, “common sense,” you might say. Is it?

The article also pointed out some of the customization technogies for delivering targeted content based on online behaviors.

I like a lot of what Jim Nail says on the last page of the article. We really do need to consider the goal of each ad and base our measurement against those goals.

Good stuff to keep in mind as we all consider “online” as a suddenly well established channel for advertising.


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