Italian Women and Cleaning

April 25, 2006

A Wall Street Journal article today pointed out how two huge consumer products companies flopped trying to introduce some cleaning products in Italy. Apparently, neither of these companies understood the Italian woman.

The statistics were amazing – Italian women on average spend around 20 hours per week cleaning as compared to the four hours most women spend in the USA. And, surprisingly, the Italian women weren’t interested in convenience but rather the strength of the cleaner.

It’s easy to pick on those two companies and say, “What the #$@#$ were they thinking? How could they NOT know their products wouldn’t sell?!!!”

Truth is, it’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in all sorts of other things. . .you’ve been there and you’ve probably seen it yourself.

Consider this a gentle reminder. Take the time to really know your audience.

Yeah, it’s pretty much that simple.


One comment

  1. Nice blog.

    Sometimes the problem is that we have people who don’t have the guts to ask the right questions. They only learn ater making mistakes.

    I have blogged about this on my blog too.

    Happy blogging,

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