Vinegar for Your Message

April 25, 2006

This morning, I started to notice that my coffee machine isn’t sending all the water through its system. It made me think about how, over time, many of our marketing messages get clogged with sediment and undesired build up.

The result?

Well, at home there’s less coffee – eventually none. With your marketing message, it could be that your audience cannot understand you or eventually won’t hear you at all.

Many of us use vinegar to clean out our coffee machines. What’s the equivalent for our marketing messages?

This is the point where you would expect a list of “Three Things You Can Do to Decalcify Your Message.” But, to be honest, I don’t have those.

I think the point is to be aware that it can happen. I suppose you could prevent it by happening by having a solid, well-documented set of brand guidelines (just like some of you filter your water). Or maybe you have a periodic review of “the state of your brand.” Some companies have a “brand police” – a sort of checkpoint before anything leaves the organization.

My coffee maker actually has a spot for a water filter. I failed to purchase a replacement a while back and my system is likely clogged up because of that.

What do you need to do to clean up your messaging? What sort of filters should you have in place?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the store for some vinegar…


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