Lies Are Bad – Shame on you AT&T

April 27, 2006

I have an AT&T credit card (actually, I think it’s run by citi). You’ve probably all been requested to move to paperless or online statements. The benefits to the company are huge – reducing printing and mailing costs. But this below – from a recent email to me – is NOT the reason they are doing it:

Did you know that in many cases identity theft happens when someone gets personal information from your mailbox or trash? To prevent it from happening to you, we offer our Statements Online Only Program. This FREE online service replaces your paper AT&T Universal Card statements with secure, online-only statements.

Do they want us to avoid identity theft? Sure. But the line “To prevent it from happening to you” leads you to believe that identity theft is the reason they do it. BS (or, more politely, “I don’t buy it.”)

Don’t try to manipulate me by making me feel like you are looking out for my best interests when it has nothing to do with my interests.

Am I the only one irritated by this?


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