The Power of Viral Marketing (or at least the power it had on SAP)

April 27, 2006

A couple weeks ago, MarketingSherpa, inducted my agency, or rather the agency at which I work, Morsekode, into the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame.

We developed a pretty simple (yet effective) program that leveraged, of all things, a rap song about ERP software called “The ERP of This Century” (link below). I’m really proud of our agency for this and I’m thrilled that the song sticks in the listener’s head. It was fun to compose and the stories are amazing.

For example, SAP Japan requested Karaoke versions of the song. An SAP Big Band in the Netherlands requested sheet music to perform it at an event.

I keep waiting for my invitation to Sapphire to perform it, but, as you’ll hear when you listen to it, the audience was SAP employees, not SAP’s customers.

To read a more detailed overview of the program, here is a link to our press release about it.

If you just want to hear the song, click “Play” on www.morsekode.com/SAP.

I’d love to hear your comments.

PS On the page linking to the song, there’s a link to the actual Sherpa report – at some point you may have to pay to access it. Sorry about that.



  1. It is first time I listened this amazing song “The ERP of This Century”. It is cool! I will publish a posting in my blog about your song.

    All right all together:

    S A P We’re gonna be The ERP Of this century

  2. […] Do you know that there is a song for SAP employees? I like it! It is really amazing! Morsekode made this rap song: “The ERP of This Century”. I came across John Pollar’s “The Power of Viral Marketing (or at least the power it had on SAP)” article and commented his article. Even he sent me a kindly thanks e-mail for my comment. […]

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