Your Body’s Core Strength and Marketing

May 1, 2006

I’m a runner. I run maybe 20 miles a week. So, not hard core, but interested in it for sure. Within the last year, one of my knees started to bother me. I thought maybe it was because I had opted for a less expensive pair of shoes. However, even after upgrading to a nice pair of New Balance 766, my problems persisted. (Just to be clear, the New Balance shoes are great!)

I began to experiment in changing the alignment of my torso and hips when I run. If I can keep my back straight, and roll my hips slightly forward from where they were before, I found I could alleviate some of the problems with my knees.

After experimenting with this technique for a couple weeks, I started to feel different things in my gluts and lower back – different muscles were being hit a little harder, developed a bit more.

In the fitness world today, these muscles are often referred to as Core Strength. Here’s a snippet from an online glossary I stumbled onto at http://www.gk22.com/resources/glossary.html.

. . . the abdominal and back muscles that surround the core area of the body with a tight and powerful support structure of muscle bundles running in different directions.

If you look around online, you’ll find all sorts of exercises you can do to improve your core strength.

In marketing, you could consider the equivalent of physical core strength to be your brand. It’s that foundation that creates a “tight and powerful support structure” for your company. It runs in different directions from the center all the way out to your customers and consists of every interaction you have with them.

So often clients want a print ad, a new website, or maybe some help with event marketing, but they don’t want to spend the time to refine and develop their core strength.

When I get my core lined up properly, I can run almost effortlessly. My breathing slows, I feel a sense of alignment, and I simply use less energy. I can last longer, run further.

Taking some time to work on defining your brand – what your expertise is, what your style is, and what your values are – can have a similar effect on how your company operates.


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