Reaching Hard-to-Reach Audiences with Viral Marketing (and a brief rant on the lack of integrity from some bloggers)

May 12, 2006

The Wall Street Journal did a story on The Philips Bodygroom and the viral campaign they used to launch it. I blogged about it last week, voicing my concern over the brand voice, but also pointing out that it would be successful – which it obviously has been.

If you haven’t considered viral marketing, The Wall Street Journal article pointed out one really strong case for it:

Viral marketing, or word-of-mouth, is really an excellent tool for reaching audiences that are, well, hard to reach. (my paraphrase)

People who know you and your interests will send you links to things they feel you will find relevant and interesting. So, by the time a viral message gets to you, the chances of it being relevant are probably pretty good – unless they’re from your mom, of course. 😉 If not relevant, they at least feel you’ll be entertained.

Now for my brief rant
I posted a comment on another site about the Philips viral campaign and asked to be notified when someone else posts. Today there was a new post talking how awesome the campaign was, highlighting very specific details of the campaign and how Philips and their ad agency should really be commended. They offered a link to Amazon where you can buy the item. The link to the author, interestingly enough, also linked to the Amazon page listing the Philips product.

And therein lies the problem. Like the comment posted on my entry in this blog about the Philips viral, the comment on this other site is likely from the agency that created the campaign. I’m amazed that someone has no problem posing as an average consumer and misleading the reader. I guess I shouldn’t be.

But, if your campaign is so super, you shouldn’t have to go around and give yourself props (from fictional consumers) on everyone’s blogs – if it’s relevant, it will get sent.

I’ll save my The Integrity of Blogs topic for some other day. . .when I’m not grumpy.


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