The “ME” Generation and Mother’s Day

May 16, 2006

I read this weekend (again, in the Wall Street Journal) with a bit of shock some of the gifts that Gen Y peeps were buying for their mothers on Mother’s Day: Tattoo removal for themselves, self-help courses for themselves, new jobs for themselves – the gifts were “all about me.”

The generation dubbed “Gen Y” (born after 1982) is apparently used to the world revolving around them. And, apparently, their parents are ok with that. Many claiming that they want their kids to be “their child’s best friend.”

I enjoyed someone putting a firm date on my generation (Gen X) – born in between 1965-1981 – and I’m glad my parents bucked some of the “soft disciplines” mentioned in the article.

I guess a lot of us in marketing and advertising have been playing to consumers’ love of themselves and how much they “deserve X, Y or Z” for a good while now. We know that it is successful.

At the same time, it’s a little scary (maybe more than a little) how self-centered and out of touch it seems many of us in the West have become.

What’s the take away?
Well, it’s really just another reminder of how often your audience is much different from yourself. . .well, at least in this case I hope they are.


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