Learning, Blogs, Integrity, and “All Marketers Are Liars”

May 19, 2006

A good friend just gave me a gift with the inscription “Proverbs 23:12.” For those of you who, like myself, don’t have this ancient book of wisdom memorized, this verse says

Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.

Interestingly, I just corresponded with a professional contact through the American Marketing Association yesterday from Upright Marketing and her signature had a quote from Proverbs in it as well. It was from Proverbs 11:3, which reads

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.

Learning and integrity have been on my mind a lot lately – especially as they relate to marketing, blogs, and another word being thrown around lately: Trust.

The Web, Our Primary Source
As the Web has grown, it has become the primary source we use when we are looking to learn, research, or grow – both professionally and personally.

But the more I casually Google around, I’m beginning to believe the title of that book All Marketers Are Liars, which, btw, I haven’t read – but my boss likes Seth, so I imagine it’s good. You can visit Seth Godin’s blog to learn more.

All Communication Is Persuasion?
When I got my Masters, I took a course (maybe two or three) on rhetoric. It was given by one of my favorite professors, Dr. Kathryn Raign. We used to debate on whether all communication was persuasion.

It seems it really is.

Intentionally or not, I’m trying to persuade you right now that I’m an honest, critical thinker, who actually cares about integrity. Who actually would like to offer something of value to you in these posts.

Others might try to convince you that they are an expert in a given field. Still others may try to convince you to visit their Web site, buy their product, pass a link on, etc.

The Need to Filter
Maybe what I’m really saying is that now, more than ever, it seems we have to filter what we take in, process it, question it, probe it, consider the source. That is, as the message consumer. (common sense?)

And, as the Marketing Messenger?
Trust is key for long-term relationships.I think that Proverbs 11:3 quote above points out the value of taking the high road in your marketing communications. I think it will benefit your relationship with your customers as well. And, ultimately, that will bring the financial gain you are looking for.


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