Body Hair All the Buzz in Viral Marketing

May 30, 2006

Becky (also from Morsekode) pointed me to another viral campaign – this time it’s Noscruf.org. This is an interesting approach as it’s a mock “campaign” against guys who wear “scruf.” (Much different from the shaveeverywhere.com campaign – and probably much less successful)

The draw for guys? Scantily clad models with unshaven underarmpits and legs (not sure that will have the same effect in Europe, but that’s a different entry). There are some mock news clips, a short length film, a song, and (I think) some poetry. The site itself takes on the non-profit, low-budget appearance.

Looks like the site/campaign was done by Digitas who currently has Gillette as a client.

What’s the Strategy?
I think the campaign has some nice elements that may attract some traffic. The question Becky asks is

“Is it a good idea for the company to go nameless in this?” (nowhere is Gilette mentioned in the campaign – at least not in my short viewing.)

That’s a great question.

Let’s say they get the traffic – then what?
I can only assume they intend to extend the campaign in some other formats or continue the no-scruf revolution. I would have a hard time seeing how this campaign would currently translate directly to Gilette sales. And without any mention of a Gilette product, it doesn’t even encourage awareness.

Maybe there’s more to come in the story?

I guess we’ll wait and see. As it sits right now, it would appear that this is largely wasted money.


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