SOA Still Misunderstood Says Capgemini Survey

June 30, 2006

Sorry to be so SAP specific of late. . .(really, I can talk about other things!)

eWeek reported that

37% of respondents surveyed at two of SAP ‘s Sapphire conferences said “a lack of understanding” was the biggest obstacle to adopting SOA (service-oriented architecture).

Their data came from a Capgemini survey of 1,000 respondents.

What’s the Lesson?
I think it’s really about speaking in a language decision makers can understand – and that will be different depending on the decision makers. Sure, it’s ok to discuss the advantages of the architecture in terms of coding when you are speaking to those who code, but I’ll need to speak in normal, everyday business terms to win over the executive paying the bills.

And I’m not talking about throwing around general phrases like “increased productivity” or “improved efficiencies” – I’ve got to be ready to give some specific information that shows how the business will run better – give some real life examples of before and after. Show the implications and impact of this technology.

I think that SAP has a lot of that information available. If not, I’m sure that will come through pilot customers. Then it’s just a matter of getting it out there – the right message, to the right people, via the right channel(s).

Congrats to Germany today! Especially to Lehmann for making some nice stops.


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  1. missed this one..
    you are dead right

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