The Benefits of a Break

August 14, 2006

I’ve been back from vacation now for a couple of weeks, but just haven’t had the urge to jump back into “the race.” Two weeks in the quiet mountains of southern Spain have left me a bit contemplative and maybe even humbled somehow.

Although I claim in my bio not to know it all, any of us who are regularly commenting on things sort of do believe we have something to say, don’t we?

I just haven’t had anything to say. About marketing anyway. . .

I will say my trip has raised my interest in Flamenco music and the history of gypsies (and their persecution).

How the many tiny mountain side restauraunts (far from large cities) survive without anything but word of mouth advertising is also of interest. . .

I’m slowly catching up on the latest and will join in sometime soon (I imagine), but right now I’m enjoying that short-lived peace that comes from actually letting go of the biz world for a couple weeks. . .

Now, off to find find some good flamenco singing.



  1. welcome back,,,,,,,,,

  2. that was my husband, btw. here’s a welcome back from me: WELCOME BACK!

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