SAP Projects Provide a Strange Comfort

September 22, 2006

I’ve been a bit grumpy about the marketing world lately. Well, my marketing world anyway.

One thing that has lifted my spirits a bit is a couple of new projects from SAP. It’s kind of ironic. I’ve worked on really creative and inspirational work for brands like The Salvation Army, Moog Music, Kawai Piano, and even a thriving church. Those projects were extremely fulfilling. I embraced their purpose and the creative was top notch. (I should mention that the Salvation Army’s website is the only one we designed – just to be clear.)

But in a different way, SAP projects comfort me.

There are familiar elements to the projects – lots of complex buzzwords, technologies, and points of view. And one other thing – a desire to have Morsekode help them create a clear compelling story that their customers can relate to.

I blogged about Charlotte’s Web yesterday. A blog people can relate to.

Companies need that same passion for relating to their customers and prospects. That’s what I love about my contacts at SAP – they seem to “get it.” They know they need to present products and services that their audience can relate to.

They even realize it enough to trust a third party to shape that compelling story – to take it above and beyond any internal debates or differences in point of view. They sacrifice their own egos and silos a bit in exchange for knowing that they’ll better serve the customer by having a group of non-biased-customer-focused-tech-geek-creative-types on their team.

Who would have thought work for a large global technology player could be as interesting and motivating as working for non-profits trying to change the world?

As comforting as it is…I forgot to mention they always have tight deadlines, so the chances of me blogging much in the near future are going down as you read this.

bis dann. . .


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