Gartner offers quick wisdom on approaching the SMB, SME (whatever you call small to mid-size enterprises)

September 29, 2006

eWeek connected me with a nice read Understanding the SMB Opportunity by Tiffani Bova from Gartner.

She offered a nice summary of the market and some good advice.

SMB Market Summary

  • There are 80 million SMBs worldwide.
  • SMBs are spending an estimated $400 billion this year.
  • IT spending by SMBs will outpace that of larger enterprises through 2007.
  • SMB IT spending is growing at a 7 percent rate this year.

Her Advice

SMB decision makers are notoriously difficult to persuade. That means solution providers must do their homework and convey their relevance in terms this market can understand before they can even come close to achieving success.

Give the article a read. She offers some nice bullet points that clearly lay out a general approach.

There are plenty of assumptions you may have right now that are simply wrong. One assumption she busts is

. . .their processes in many cases aren’t any less complex than those of larger enterprises.

Read the article to find out more.


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