Is Mean Popular in the Blogesphere?

September 29, 2006

I actually feel a little bad about ripping on Target yesterday. I know that they have to defend themselves in court – I just find the whole thing a little insane. The principles behind it all.

Why do I feel bad then?

Well, I try to teach my kids to use positive words, say things that “build others up,” and then I turn around and rip into a large corporation. It’s hypocritical. (Even if my kids aren’t reading my blog – it still matters to me.)

And my page reads go way up.

People like attitude, people like to see conflict.

It seems people like mean – or at least disagreement. Maybe it’s just debate?

Well, either way, I could have probably made my case with a little more tact.

My wife tells me I have none. And, often, she’s right.

But at least I notice it now.

Baby steps.


One comment

  1. not being tough on target would be mean. Web designers and the people that pay for them need to take the needs of the visually impared into account. Too few do.

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