Quick Wisdom from Art Fry, 3M, Inventor of Post-It Notes

November 11, 2006

Mark Morse and I were hanging out at an American Marketing Association event in Minneapolis this last Thursday – actually, I shouldn’t put it that way, but I’ll post about what we were doing later – Anyway, as the event wore down, we found ourselves sharing a beer with Art Fry (he may have been drinking wine, but I digress). Art Fry is the guy that invented the wildly successful Post-It Notes for 3M. If you’re interested, this link will give you more about Fry and the history of the Post-It Note.

We had a really interesting chat with Art about his long tenure with 3M, the history of 3M, and also about some of the leaders that influenced him while at 3M.

As we were all preparing to leave, he said something that I think we all need to hear. This is my rough paraphrase:

“None of us were really geniuses. We were just normal people who were willing to give something new a try.”

Have you been avoiding giving something new a try? It seems like Art’s attempt(s) turned out pretty well. Maybe yours would too?



  1. Thats what Americas about. I have been vacuuming carpets for over 35 years. One night my vacuum broke.
    I had to get the job done. I wrapped masking tape around my hand like half the country has done.
    BANG I stood up and grabbed a handle and a piece of cardboard and invented Stikee-stik. This tool is almost as simple as Post it. This tool has so many applications I cant start telling you what it can do. Would you like to try my Stikee-stiks we just got our first shipment. Thank you GaryB

  2. […] it can do. Would you like to try my Stikee-stiks we just got our first shipment. Thank you GaryBRead More… [Source: Comments for Funky Uncle Marketing – Posted by […]

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