Branding Impacts the Brain – Apparently

November 29, 2006

My friend Thomas has been trying to steal my job of pointing out hype of late, so I thought I better write a quick post to try and reclaim my title. (although this has less to do with hype. . .)

My co-worker, Becky, at Morsekode sent me a link to this BBC article, Brains buzz at well-known brands. This should give Thomas something new to rant about. And the research even comes from Germany!

Basically, the article is saying that

. . .popular brands activated parts of the brain linked to self-identity and reward.

In other words, the research may be getting closer to showing the real impact of branding efforts by companies.

So, we’ll see what my friend Thomas has to say about that. He’s been a little down on the branding in some of his past posts. . .



  1. what is the impact of brain branding?

  2. I am interested in knowing about what specifically the research is about. Is that the pain-pleasure principle or is branding about self identity?

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