Integrated Viral Campaign by Opel Makes Impact

December 20, 2006

I liked this viral campaign implemented in Belgium and the Netherlands by Opel (European GM division).

It’s from MarketingSherpa. Read the MarketingSherpa study here.

What do I like about it?

Short, seeminly entertaining, and with a number of unique aspects:

  • It worked off of an opt-in list (so these people already had a favorable attitude toward the Opel brand)
  • It included a dynamic personalization aspect (the viewer’s name would actually appear in the viral video)
  • It integrated a telemarketing call into the experience, that should happen, if I understand the program correctly, while the viewer is experiencing the video.

That’s both impressive and impactful.

Based on the study, it was also wildly successful and led to much viral buzz, stemming from the group that had opted in. Which, btw, makes sense, as those people are likely to be your brand advocates.

It’s good to see GM making some smart moves somewhere in the world!



  1. John,
    where are you?

  2. Whats viral marketing ?

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