I dislike hype. So, a simple forum for discussion seemed a way to work through the hype surrounding marketing. I won’t claim to know it all. In fact, that’s why discussion is great. I hope to learn from others. I like to think out loud.

I work for an agency based in Minneapolis called Morsekode (www.morsekode.com). This blog, however, is my own doing. It isn’t my intention to represent the position of my employer (although my opinions will probably often be the same).

I’ve worked for or consulted to large companies like American Airlines, SAP, JPMorgan Chase, State Street Bank, and Honeywell; but I’ve also worked in small start ups in both media and in supply chain. I’ve studied music and technical communication.

I’d prefer to spend all day composing music, but until I get my big break 🙂 you’ll find me funneling my creativity into “composing ideas that grow business” with the ‘kode.

Thanks for visiting,
John Pollard

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Oh, and that’s a cowbell in the picture. As in “I need more cowbell!”


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