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WSJ gives biz props to the podcast (or at least the iPod)

October 25, 2006

I’m not really sure what has taken so long for an article like this, but today’s Wall Street Journal has some nice evidence of the business value of podcasting (or at least of portable delivery of multimedia information) in The Boss puts the iPod to Work by Anjali Athavaley.

In my discussions over the last year or so with clients and prospects, this concept of using audio or video on an iPod or similiar device just hasn’t seemed to compute. They wonder if employees would use them – I mean, heck, who would want to absorb information in the convenience of their drive, travels, gym, etc.? 🙂

The article mentions a number of large organizations that are leveraging iPods – not just for podcasts, but also loading with other training material. Companies like Capital One Financial, National Semiconductor, IHOP, and Siemens Medical Solutions.

Here are a couple quotes worth your consdieration (especially if you are toying with this idea for your company):

Siemens AG. . .purchased about 100 iPods for its molecular-imaging group last year for training and sales support. Other divisions within Siemens are now considering giving iPods to employees.

Apple offers bulk discounts.

. . .employers say the device enables them to cut down on training costs.

Sales executive. . . uses his iPod to familiarize himself with product information before he meets with customers.

Now, to be clear, I’m showing you things I find interesting in the article. There is a lot more in the article about the blurred line between work and leisure time that technologies like this and the Blackberry have caused. That is interesting as well, but less so if you are just curious about whether using iPods could benefit your business. I think they can.