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A Couple Terrible Webinar Headlines For You

February 16, 2007

I’ll break my blogging silence with a couple headlines that really rub me wrong.

Velocity, Agility, Complexity, and Flexibility: The Four Key Drivers for Competitive Advantage

Apparently this well known company thought that maybe by piling on all the most popular buzzwords in tech marketing they would actually communicate something.

However, in trying to be everything to everyone, they became nothing to everyone.

I won’t wager, mostly because I’m not a betting type of guy, but I’m going to guess the registration for that event is well below benchmarks.

And then from a professional organization to which I belong, the American Marketing Association:

AMA Webcast – The Blog Revolution: Get On Board or Get Run Over

It would appear that we’ve now recycled the hype of the late nineties to scare everyone into coming to our events.


First scare them into attending and then let them know that “we’re really all still trying to figure out how to best use blogs in business.”

That will leave the attendees satisfied, I’m sure. Or scared.

Sorry, that kind of hype just makes me cranky.

ps. I’ve softened this since my first draft. I originally entitled this post “Quite Possibly the Worst Webinar Headlines I’ve Ever Read.”